How to develop a customized plug&play cooling module

A practical example of what we mean by “delivering value”

Oesse provides one packaging with just one part number containing all the components needed to connect the cooling system to the engine.
Nicola Penzo, Sales Manager, shows how we do it.

The packaging is designed according to the assembly phases that the operator has to follow to avoid any waste of time, with an easy and safe handling of all the components, including the heaviest ones.

All accessories are designed by Oesse’s technical team, which is involved, not only in the development of the cooler itself, but also in the other strategic parts of the cooling unit, to ensure a proper functioning.

Pipes are designed to ensure compliance with pressure drops and to optimize the compactness of the unit; flexible connections are selected according to the fluid temperature; clamps and even small details such as screws are carefully analysed to satisfy all specifications required by the different engine manufactures.

The result of this process is the delivery of a customized plug&play cooling module that perfectly meets all engine requirements, relieving the customer’s technical department from developing and designing a large number of parts, the purchasing department from sourcing different components from several suppliers and the quality department from having contacts with multiple business manufacturers.


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