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Report and code of ethics

Letter to the stakeholders

Francesco Scandolo

“For quite some time I felt the need to align spontaneous initiatives within a coordinated strategy, allowing the company to bear witness to its commitment, character and style.
A style based on “doing”, observing shared values and behavioral norms that distinguish us.

The interest is no longer just about how much is done, but more and more about how it is done and how to do it well.
We have placed people and the environment at the heart of our business strategy, because we believe that sustainable growth is an act that we owe to future generations.

Only through the intelligence, passion and will of all of us will it be possible to spread a culture of sustainability, necessary for improving things with the benefit of hindsight, actively working for the creation of a better tomorrow.”

Francesco ScandoloManaging Director

Oesse's Sustainability Policy

Starting from the “3P”: People, Profit and Planet, we have developed the awareness and the desire to play an active role on our territory.
Through a hallmark of excellence having the will to leave a tangible evidence, triggering sustainable business development, supporting the laboriousness and ingenuity of people, to create profit aimed at improving the surrounding environment, starting from the internal one of the company and then expanding more and more on the territory of which we feel part.

Oesse's Governance

Sustainability Management

To create shared value, we have included the CSR team, which has the task of following and implementing internal and external sustainability projects throughout the year.


Our concrete commitment


In 2020 we have published our first LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) report calculating the environmental impact of a cooling unit for disel engines, from the extraction of raw materials, to the disposal of the product itself and in 2021 we have carried out a study to calculate the carbon footprint of our company.

The carbon footprint is a measure used to quantify the extent of the greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere and knowing it help us to identify specific actions to reduce them and subsequently define the decarbonisation targets consistent with the Paris Agreement and validated by SBTi (Science Based Target initiative) to contribute to the containment of the average global temperature by +1,5°C, by 2050.

To find out specifically how we joined this initiative, read this article in our blog.

We also obtained the UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.

Charter of Values

Our Philosophy


Being a company that witnesses a style of sustainable growth, capable of transmitting attention to conscious choices


We are a footprint of excellence


We guide the innovation of industrial processes by proposing integrated solutions for heat exchange, attentive to preserving our resources


1. Respect
2. Enthusiasm
3. Integrity
4. Responsibility

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