Softstart thermostats with threaded port 1/2"G

Softstart thermostats that directly control the electric motor limiting the starting torque and the energy absorption during start-up.

Technical features
Working temperature: -20°C ÷ 100°C
Fixed hysteresis value: ~ 5°C
Switching accuracy: ± 3.5°C
Body: in hexagonal bass, KEY34 with integral seal DIN

Electrical features
Direct control of the electric motor by limiting the starting torque and the excessive energy during the starting phase
Contact type: normally open
Power supply standard executions: 12 -24 VDC
Maximum load allowed on the contacts: 25A - 24VDC / 12A - 12VDC
Electrical protection according to DIN 40050, IP67
Standard electric wiring
Power supply: 0,75m bipolar cable
Signal: 0.25m bipolar cable with WPC-280 female connector
Electrical connections
a) fan side with WPC-280 female connector
b) power supply (+ brown / - blue)

TE072.00 – Thermostat with Softstart 50°C 1/2”G IP67 with Metri-Pack connector
TE062.00 – Thermostat with Softstart 60°C 1/2”G IP67 with Metri-Pack connector

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