A digital collection of our projects for endothermic engines: discover HR.ange

See in real time the projects we realized covering the needs in every sector

HR.ange is an app of the Oesse sales force for our customers.

The first digital collection of about 700 projects of cooling units for endothermic engines: our HR line; selectable by engine, equipment and application.

The collection of registered projects starting from 2014 is periodically updated.
From basic set-up to advanced units fully equipped with hoses, brackets, hydraulic motors and many more.

Our goal is to make the consultation of case histories quickly available based on several search criteria: the brand and model of the engine, the power range of the engine, the application sector and the product configuration with a wide range of accessories.

For each selected model will then be available the performance data, technical drawings and a summary sheet with the possibility to add the specific requests to speed up an economic offer or a bespoke customization.
Through this app you can see in real time which projects we have realized covering the typical needs in your sector, touching with hand where we can start from to develop your “tailor made” product.


Contact our sale staff to request more information.

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