Commitment to comply with contractual terms

Ethical behaviour - Message from Francesco Scandolo, Managing Director of the company

Commitment to comply with contractual terms

Dear Partners,

Oesse is proud to honour its social and economic commitment, in complying with contractual terms with all stakeholders, without amplifying the inconveniences we are already experiencing, despite the difficult situation for Italy and the entire world.

The purpose does not only respond to the call of Confindustria – the main association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy-, but it is based on common sense and the affirmation of the ethical values that distinguish us.

“The stability of the economic system and supply chains also depends on us, on our ethic of responsibility and our behaviour, which is why I appeal to all our companies” writes Vincenzo Boccia, Confindustria’s president, quoting the words of Bergamo’s Confindustria president, Stefano Scaglia: “Keeping the commitments made in payments, except for serious and proven difficulties, is the decision that guarantees continuity to our entire system”.

The current emergency requires the commitment of everyone so that the economy can restart, which is why we hope that our customers will also share and support our line of conduct.

Thank you,

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