Discover values with art

How we have turned our factory into an atelier

Discover values with art

Enthusiasm, respect, responsibility and integrity.

Values are fundamental for us: they represent us, so we tried to describe them, turning our factory into a real atelier.

Mr. Luca Ferri and Mr. Enrico Magnani in collaboration with Manpower Academy and Mrs. Francesca Menchini have held a team-building training workshop for the creation of paintings that represent behaviors related to Oesse values, using the technique of learning through the language of expressive art.

All Oesse employees gathered in groups to create their own works, which are now accessible through a virtual exhibition, that you can visit here.

Each work is matched with a message from the group of artists who created it.

The future goal will be to realize a charity drive, which can transform the representations of our values into a concrete help.

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