Integrated System Policies

Integrated System Policies

The remarks of Francesco Scandolo, Oesse Managing Director.


Oesse has adopted a Quality Policy as a means and strategy directed at pursuing its improvement objectives, implemented with the goal of increasing the satisfaction of its stakeholders.

The management’s commitment is to guarantee to the market the maximum responsiveness in terms of the company’s evolutionary dynamism, through a state-of-the-art organisational model consisting of a structure and processes governed by responsible and motivated workers who operate according to precise ethical and behavioural guidelines, consistent with what is established by ISO 9001:2015.

The search for perfection is not synonymous with presumption but with a continuous stimulus to change and an absolute desire for distinction, so much so that it moves its philosophy away from one of maintenance and instead projects itself to continuous and inexorable improvement.

The Quality Manager joins the management in verifying, promoting and disseminating the results of any improvement activity consistent with company objectives and reference standards with the involvement of the entire organisation through advanced application techniques and procedures as well as objective tools of analysis and measurement.

The satisfaction of the company’s workers can be reached by the achievement of the objectives that set out the path of improvement. The active and collaborative involvement of the resources is therefore the lifeblood of the company’s operations and the harmony of the actions undertaken.

Oesse Quality Policy is the tool for achieving the improvement process both aimed at customer satisfaction and at the satisfaction of the internal operators, suppliers and owners, without neglecting the opportunity of achieving the satisfaction of unexpected needs through the social commitment of the company.

Oesse goal is to represent a significant reference point for the market of heat exchangers, creating a strong connection between the company brand and product, recognised by operators in the sector. The Quality Policy adopted will document the achievement of this goal by implementing the principles governed by the legislation.

Innovation ref 5.1.3 and 5.2


Oesse seeks to be a footprint of excellence, a hallmark understood as a testimony of a creatively dynamic activity that can be realised in the achievement of incrementing and radical innovations to be introduced on the market, helping to write the history of technological evolution of heat exchange, with particular attention given to the sustainability of the consequences deriving from these innovations as mentioned in our mission. The desire is that the Oesse® brand will be a name that carries the inseparable idea of an innovative product.


We guide the innovation of industrial processes by proposing integrated solutions for heat exchange, attentive to preserving our resources, and building solid relationships with our stakeholders.

 Innovation is the highest form of expression for doing business. Innovation is the end product of the curiosity that animates us, passing through the acquisition of knowledge. This propensity does not satisfy the drive for change in order to achieve an improvement in a current condition, but is projected toward creating new situations for the need for self-realisation which identifies a certain way of being of each individual. This concept is reflected in recognising innovation as a strategic component of self-determination and, therefore, of differentiation.

Given the strategic nature of innovation as an essential component of development, Oesse considers it necessary to approach this phenomenon in a structured and systematic way, so that this strength and propensity do not get dispersed, with the risk of distracting resources, as well as by offering guidelines toward which the research can be directed. For this reason, Oesse adopts an IMS (Innovation Management System).

Oesse identifies its Innovation Management policy through the following principles:

  • Oesse intends to stand out as an innovative leader in the heat exchanger market because it believes in an innovation aimed at creating value and, therefore, takes into account the attitude and ability to identify and understand the expectations of its customers and transform them into opportunities for value creation that is able to increase the competitive advantage of the company in a path of sustainable growth.
  • Oesse sees in curiosity the correct interpretation of its own value linked to enthusiasm, seeking to create an environment conducive to further training and innovation to inspire and involve people also towards new challenges against the status quo and comfort zone discovering opportunities oriented toward the future. For this reason, Oesse promotes and intends to reward talents able to read these challenges by accepting even those experiences that are less than successful as opportunities to increase knowledge through the lessons learned.
  • Oesse identifies diversification as a strategic factor in its development path and considers that this result is ambitiously achievable in a systematic innovation activity supported and addressed according to a clear definition of priorities and objectives. Oesse’s strategic management therefore indicates the areas of opportunity and types of innovation on which to focus efforts by establishing the criteria to verify the achievement of innovation objectives and their contribution to general business objectives.
  • It is supported by a culture open to change, promotes the sharing of values and knowledge, encourages innovative behaviours and fosters collaboration between diverse aptitudes, both in the creation of new ideas and in being able to realise them, exploring and experiencing all that is new. Diversity searchable both inside and outside its own organisational structure (Open Innovation).
  • Oesse promotes intuitive knowledge aimed at exploring needs, an intuition capable of identifying these needs and translating them into value. To develop this essential skill, Oesse intends to draw upon sources of diversified knowledge, involving all stakeholders in the innovation process.
  • Through an assessment of the related risks and systematic experimentation interpreted as opportunities for learning, Oesse augments the degree of trust, and at the same time, limits the level of uncertainty in regard to the creative capacity of its organisation, promoting the attitude of risk-taking to get out of the comfort zone.
  • Oesse believes that the spirit of adaptability of its organisation is a capacity, not only of survival, but one that is also a highly favourable exercise for training and increasing the drive toward innovation, knowing how to understand the need for change in the times necessary for transforming them in a timely manner into opportunities for success.
  • Oesse seeks to adopt a systemic approach in the management of Innovation in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the organisation in its work, and for this reason, has decided to apply what is laid down in the ISO 56002 standard by integrating it into our Quality Management System

“There is no limit to people’s creativity” Taiichi Ohno


Environment and Safety


We guide the innovation of industrial processes by proposing integrated solutions for heat exchange, attentive to preserving our resources, and building solid relationships with our stakeholders.

Environment and Safety are an unconditional priority in Oesse’s way of operating and it implements these principles within its mission. The focus is constantly on preserving the environment, both internal and external, showing respect for available and shared resources and building strong and lasting relationships of understanding with those who use these resources through the sharing of values. The Environment is understood as a sphere with spill-over effects deriving from the consequences and effects of the business and behavioural strategies that have been applied, including those related to the security of people, a security that is not intended to be limited to the mere safety but understood as people’s well-being.


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