Use Lean techniques to identify the value of a project

How we apply VA/NVA analysis

In this clip Florencia Di Lorenzo, Front Office Operator, shows us how to use one of the Lean techniques that we apply in Oesse.

Value is anything for which the customer would be willing to pay, and it involves all the activities that modify the nature or the shape of the product or combine several elements among them.

VA/NVA analysis is a technique that allows us to distinguish between value (VA) and non-value (NVA) activities.
By breaking the process down into individual operations, it is possible to identify waste and redesign the process to optimize it.

Among waste we can easily recognize that which cannot be removed because it is strictly
related to the applied technology (called NVA1) from that which can be immediately removed called NVA2).

In Oesse we use a specific software that breaks down the video recordings of individual operations, thus simplifying the classification of each activity in a very short time.

These are the main phases of the VA/NVA analysis technique:

  • Inform operators about the analysis purpose
  • Detect each operation in the execution sequence
  • Identify each operation, detecting its timing, as:
    • Value Added
    • NVA1
    • NVA2
  • Summarize data
  • Do a Pareto Analysis on NVA2 areas of intervention

Based on the VA/NVA analysis we can:

  • Launch Kaizen to eliminate NVA2 activities and the analysis rapidity allows us to immediately verify the results from each Kaizen
  • Align the Processing Time as much as possible with the Takt Time
  • Launch Kaikaku radical change projects to eliminate NVA1 activities
  • Create live specifications to standardize the process.


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