Oesse turns 25: an important stage on our path

To achieve this, we have focused on two pillars: innovation and knowledge.

This year Oesse turns 25!

Beyond the way we will do it, we still have a lot to celebrate.

25 years are not an endpoint, but a stage of the path that we have already started.

Oesse’s goal has always been to represent a significant landmark for the heat exchangers market.
To achieve this, we focused on two pillars: innovation and knowledge.

Innovation is the highest form of expression of doing business. It’s where curiosity takes us when it melts with knowledge.

We believe that any form of innovation should engage the people and create an environment for developing new ideas.

In the coming months, we will tell you how we have grown over the years and how we promote a culture open to change and the sharing of values.

Stay tuned, our next 25 years have just begun!

Francesco Scandolo – Managing Director

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