Renewing the layout of Plant 1

New machinery and new production flow for the cooling core production plant

Renewing the layout of Plant 1

At Oesse we are always evolving: just as our heat exchangers continuously exchange heat between engines and cooling cores, so energy flows between our departments and into our offices.

That is why we are constantly changing. In fact, we have renewed the layout of Plant 1 to optimise its production flow and products, in line with the changing requirements of our customers.

Here is the timelapse of the renovation operation


The new layout follows the logic of the production flow, forming a ‘U-shaped’ path from the first step, the acceptance of the goods, through the different production steps of the components and cooling cores, to end with the testing of the finished products.

In addition to the setting up of the different areas, a series of works were carried out to renovate the individual production areas and the machinery.

The welding areas were renewed in accordance with the new semi-automatic welding bench and, at the same time, enlarged.

The goods storage area was also renovated with an innovative vertical warehouse, equipped with 40 drawers weighing up to 750 kg each. This Industry 4.0 machinery is able to automatically connect to the management software and autonomously manage material picking lists.

Other Industry 4.0 machines in the production chain are the CNC machine, which can be programmed manually or remotely, and the shearing machine, both of which can read the technical drawing and automatically set up the work of sectioning, optimising, and shearing materials.

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