Temporary closure - Covid 19

Message from Francesco Scandolo, Managing Director of the company

Temporary closure - Covid 19

Dear Partners,

despite the efforts made last week to ensure a working environment in line with the recommended safety regulations and despite the availability of all Oesse staff to ensure continuity of service to its customers, even in a dramatic situation like the one we are experiencing, we inform you that the company will remain closed until April 3.

The Italian Government has adopted new restrictive measures for the entire Italian manufacturing chain imposing the total closure of production activities considered non-essential as of March 23.

Aware of the heavy impact of this governmental imposition on your production line, I personally apologize, hoping for your understanding.
In order to ensure a constant flow of information, smart working activities are guaranteed. Therefore, our staff remains available for any need.

I hope that the situation will not degenerate in your and other countries as it is happening in Italy.
Thank you.

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