Two new certifications for the railway sector

Important certifications on the quality and processes of the work carried out by Oesse

Two new certifications for the railway sector

We closed 2020 with two international system certifications, both valid for the railway sector.

The first is the renewal of the Management System Certification UNI EN 15085-CL2.

The process was carried out by the Certification Body Bureau Veritas, which attests that we can operate in the railway vehicle welding sector or parts thereof.

This is an internationally valid and globally recognized certificate.

The second is a Management System Certification UNI EN ISO 3834-3:2006.

This certification guarantees that the Oesse welding process is managed and controlled according to the requirements of the standard.

The ISO 3834-3 certification highlights the great importance of welding for Oesse.

This certificate is also internationally valid and recognized worldwide.

Both certificates were obtained remotely.

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