Fixed temperature thermostats with threaded port 1/2"G

Bimetallic thermostats that allow the opening of an electrical circuit in order to reach a fixed temperature.

Technical features
Working temperature: -20°C ÷ 120°C
Fixed hysteresis value: ~ 12°C of the set value
Switching accuracy: ± 3.5°C
Maximum temperature gradient: 1°C / min
Body: in hexagonal brass, CH24, 27 or 30 according to the type

Electrical features
Electrical protection according to CEI EN 60529, IP65, IP67 standards
Electrical connection according to DIN43650, M3 standards
360° rotatable connector
Maximum contact load: AC 125V - 15A / 220V - 10A; DC 12V - 10A / 24V - 5A

TE073.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 40°C 1/2”G IP65
TE069.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 50°C 1/2”G IP65
TE029.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 60°C 1/2”G IP65
TE049.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 70°C 1/2”G IP65

TE096.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 40°C 1/2”G IP67
TE078.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 50°C 1/2”G IP67
TE044.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 60°C 1/2”G IP67
TE061.00 – Bimetallic Thermostat 70°C 1/2”G IP67

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