All phases - a single platform: our most ambitious project

From pre-sales to production of the prototype ready for delivery

In this new clip our Pre-Sales Engineer, Leonardo Zanata, presents an ambitious project, on which Oesse has been proudly working since 2019.

Our goal is to implement a platform (PLM) to connect all the phases of a project: from the pre-sales proposition to the prototype manufacturing, ready for delivery.

Thanks to the wide and deep experience acquired over the years, Oesse has developed several guidelines to provide a more efficient solution to customers.

We are therefore developing a software able to integrate the functional calculation, the economic offer and the best dimensioning practices, providing, right from the offer phase, the 3D drawing of the cooling unit.

The same 3D drawing is available for the engineering department that will finalize the project according to customer’s specific requirements.

The second step of the project is to use the same output for ERP and production activities, without using paper documents.

We have now implemented our renowned software Power Innovator with a version 2.0, able to produce a representative image of the product, very close to the final result, within a renewed technical data sheet that is attached to the commercial offer.


Contact our pre-sales  staff to request more information.

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