Dealing with the emergency, together

Security, communication, relationship.
How Oesse reacted to the Covid-19 emergency

Dealing with the emergency, together

In the midst of a Covid-19 pandemic emergency, how to manage work and interactions in a company?

Following three principles: security, communication, relationship.

These are the actions we took to deal with the emergency in March, until the announcement of the forced closure until 3 April.

Safety as a priority

The first action taken was to ensure that all our employees do their work in complete safety.

For this reason, we immediately distributed protection devices, managed safety distances, minimized the physical presence in the company by remote control of more than 25 workstations and started an extraordinary company sanitation (even if not required by law).

Constant communication

We have undertaken an immediate and timely communication to all our customers, national and international, updating on the status of our production and reassuring on the assistance guaranteed in smart working.

Internally, we have set up a daily exchange of information between employees and management for updates in the management of the emergency, and for human resources management.

Distant, but united

An experience like the one we are having has highlighted the importance of maintaining the relationship between colleagues.

Given the forced isolation, many spontaneous initiatives were born, which the company decided to promote.

Before the total closure of the plant, colleagues in smart working and employees remaining in the company exchanged video messages and photos, which were collected on a notice board, both physical and virtual.

Despite the distance that keeps us apart, many expressions of solidarity have arisen to give a mutual support.

In this period, encouraging and fostering interpersonal communication, proves to be more important than ever.

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