How to size a heat exchanger. The Oesse method

Introducing our software "Power Innovator"

In this clip we talk about Power Innovator, a software created internally by Oesse to size a heat exchanger.

Through a wizard, you simply select the engine power and the circuits to cool. The heat exchanger is sized immediately.
A technical data sheet is then generated, complete with all the information, including the overall dimensions and the dimensions of each circuit.

With Power Innovator it is possible to customize, optimize and improve the features according to the specific needs of the customer.

In the clip our Pre-Sales Engineer Leonardo Zanata, explains how, for example, it is possible to add working points for a circuit in a very simple and immediate way, assuming you want a second working point for the oil circuit with 200 litres per minute.




Contact our pre-sales staff to request more information.

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