How we explore the economic impact of our cooling units

We create customer value analyzing hidden costs and sources of waste

How to create customer value?
After 25 years of daily collaborations with our customers and thanks to a strong lean culture, Oesse not only satisfies the functional and economic parameters of the project, but also analyzes possible hidden costs and sources of waste.

We explore every economic impact of our cooling units, analyzing the entire life cycle of the product, from design to disposal.

Critical issues are solved in the design phase: a team of experts report a check list directly to the customer.

We are talking about:
ORDER MANAGEMENT: a possible connection with our customer’s ERP system with advantages in terms of a considerable saving of time and paper.

PRODUCT: just one part number for a complete cooling module full equipped for plug & play installation and easy to maintain.

LOGISTIC: with very clear information and labelling and customized packaging designed for the assembly lines of our customers, using reusable materials.


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