Iconic moments of 2022: the team building activity "Sing your song!"

We experienced one of the most enjoyable activities of 2022, in a parallel between music and business activities.

Iconic moments of 2022: the team building activity

At Oesse we have musicians of all kinds, that we want to enhance with the right instrument and the best choral symphony.
Therefore on 7th October 2022, the team-building activity ‘Sing your song!’ was held at the company headquarters with Maestro Giorgio Fabbri and musician Isabella Fabbri. The initiative involved all company employees, both production and office staff, in a day of entertainment and training.
At first, the Maestro gave an overview of the subject of how music impacts brain function and human behavior, Teamwork in an organization is like performing a piece of music. We are all members of an orchestra, where every note we play and every task we achieve is perfectly timed in synchronized harmony. So, we were invited to perform a practical exercise in smaller groups, aimed at creating a choral song. In addition to the composition of the song, the interpretation of the song was also necessary.

We can say that we have not yet discovered new musical talents… but that the musical performance was excellent!

Watch the video!

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