New HY series, air-oil cross-flow heat exchangers

Introducing the new coolers used for the cooling of hydraulics circuits.

Our Sales Area Manager Federica Soldà presents the new HY series: air-oil cross-flow heat exchangers, used for cooling hydraulic circuits installed on industrial plants and mobile machinery.

They are very compact products that guarantee maximum installation flexibility for the user, ensuring a high exchange efficiency.

The new HY series is a wide range: 71 models and 15 sizes with different fan unit types – AC (single-phase, three-phase, with B14 electric motor), DC (12V and 24V) and designed for hydraulic motor (GR2 and GR3) – that allows coverage of the most various application needs.

The standard version includes a single-passage circuit and a sucking/pulling fan; other versions are available on request.

The cooling cores, made of aluminum alloy, are produced using vacuum braze welding technology.

The suitability of the selected materials together with the repeatability of the production process guarantees the best resistance to the pressures of the different hydraulic circuits.

The high heat exchange efficiency, on the other hand, is favored by the combination of internal and external fins to overcome typical clogging issues which would cause a reduction in performance, with an additional benefit of needing less time and cost which occurs when pressure cleaning.

The cooling core and housing are painted with an epoxy powder coating process.

Among the available accessories, it’s possible to add:

  • brackets with shock absorbers and fixing screws

  • thermostats available with various settings, thread, and IP rating

  • connectors

  • splined couplings for hydraulic motors

  • plugs suitable for closing the unused connectors.

The sizes from 215 to 235, thanks to the mounting kit, can be used in both vertical and horizontal configurations.

Each product is identified by a unique serial number and by the production batch, ensuring full traceability.

A label depicting the specific product configuration chosen by the customer is applied to the FSC certified packaging.

In the next clip, we will show you how we organized the production of this series.

Contact our sales staff to request more information.

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