Oesse product certification by an external certification body

The procedure took place remotely for the first time

Oesse product certification by an external certification body

The product certifications of heat exchangers for the marine sector, held remotely by an international certification body, following the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, was positive.

The inspectors verified from their office the pressure leakage test carried out in Oesse on different coolers, and then examined in detail the high definition recording of the test.

We are able to certify each type of heat exchanger for the marine sector. The auditing process is carried out by an external certification body, selected by the customer according to the shipowner’s requirements.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we collaborate with many certification bodies, and, using well-established procedures, we can obtain the required certification in a very short time.

The inspector checks the pressure leakage test, the traceability of materials (heat exchanger and its accessories) and carries out a visual inspection of the products.

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