People - Profit - Planet: Oesse CSR strategy

The role of a company and its impact on the environment

People - Profit - Planet: Oesse CSR strategy

The Managing Director Francesco Scandolo presented Oesse’s strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility at the round table organized by Unindustria Pordenone, in collaboration with Hidra Società Benefit: Strategy, Processes, Values last February 20.

“We must reflect on the role that a company plays in its context and the impact that it has for the fact that it operates in its host environment – explained Scandolo -.

An existence that must not be aimed exclusively at achieving an economic result, but aware of the effects that it reproduces in all its areas of interaction, and which must therefore constitute a vital mechanism in the social fabric”.

Scandolo then described Oesse’s strategy: starting from the P of PEOPLE, first of all from the Oesse staff – to stimulate and motivate them to achieve the second P of PROFIT that allows to implement concrete actions aimed at improving our PLANET.

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