To produce our cross-flow air-oil heat exchangers we were inspired by a “pizzeria”

This is how we applied a food delivery flow to our operations

In the last clip we have introduced you to the new series of HY air-oil cross-flow heat exchangers.
In this one, Florencia Di Lorenzo, Front Office Operator at Oesse, shows you how we organized the production to provide you with the best product.

Starting from the customer’s need, we asked ourselves what flow to adopt to connect to demand in an even more concrete way.
We thought of one of the most linear and well-known flows and applied it to our products: the food delivery service of a “pizzeria”.

How we achieved all this?

We managed the heat exchanger development project with a PDCA approach (Plan – Do – Check – Act) using the 5W2H method (What – When – Why – Who – Where – How – How Much) with the aim of delivering, in a short time, high quality standard coolers, optimised for most applications and customer needs.

How our heat exchanger “pizzeria” works 


For the implementation of the new production layout, we have used a cutting-edge software. We have simulated material flows, operator ergonomics and certain times, focusing on the activity balance and operator safety.

For the commercial management of the new line of air-oil coolers we have developed a platform to order the product (what could be the basic type of pizza) with the accessories you prefer (additional ingredients) according to your specific application (what you would like to eat today).

A simultaneous configurator sends the order to production, aligning the information flow with the operational one.
The employee has a list of orders to be processed with a specific load and the sales team can therefore provide a precise date of shipment, according to a continuously evolving plan.

The employee displays the order on the screen and picks from the shelves the main components required for assembly such as cooling core, housing and mounting systems.
In the rack in front of the workstation, they assemble the accessory kits by adding thermostats and other parts.
Then close the packaging and apply the external identification label.

The production line has been designed so that, with a few simple steps, the operator can set up the workstation for the assembly of smaller sizes or larger sizes. The line can also be set up to allow two people to work at the same time, to further optimize operations.
Reduced lead times, order management techniques, and Kanban recall of components allowed us to limit stock and decrease warehouse space, thus increasing Oesse’s production space.

We are able to pick, assemble, pack and dispatch in a continuous flow with a processing time ranging from 7 to 32 minutes, depending on the product size.

Your “pizza” will then be delivered in 3 working days.

Contact our sales staff to request more information.

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