Top500 FVG: Oesse always among the best companies in the region

For the fifth consecutive year, we have been included in the special ranking that selects the most virtuous companies in the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia

Top500 FVG: Oesse always among the best companies in the region

Top500 Aziende FVG is the annual ranking, part of the survey carried out by the daily newspaper Messaggero Veneto, which analyzes in detail the economic system of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region. The survey took into consideration the financial year 2021 considering the balance sheets available as at 26 October 2022 and, specifically, economic and financial indicators of the companies in the region, in order to analyse their financial solidity and growth potential.

The overview that emerged from the survey at the regional level shows a general recovery of companies compared to the economic downturn recorded in the previous two years, characterised by the presence of the Covid pandemic.

In the specific case of Oesse, however, we are happy to emphasise the continued growth in the ranking in which, compared to the previous year (394), we ranked 378. The result achieved fills us with satisfaction and is an incentive to continue the company’s growth path.

Heat exchanger

While the 2020 financial year saw revenues grow, the 2021 financial year represented a historic milestone for Oesse, thanks to the achievement of a turnover of 22 million and a record in terms of revenues. In this regard, Francesco Scandolo, Managing Director and founder of Oesse, states:

For Oesse, the 2021-2026 growth plan continues, projecting the company to improve its ranking by around twenty positions in the relevant regional rankings.

In the light of these recent results, we continue with ever greater energy our process of development and growth, in accordance with the company’s values, in a virtuous process of sustainable growth whose value lies in respect for people, the environment and the company.

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