At Oesse the route to innovation keeps going

We were the first manufacturing company in Italy to obtain ISO 56002 certification. We renewed our commitment.

At Oesse the route to innovation keeps going

Oesse was the first company in the manufacturing sector in Italy to obtain the ISO 56002 “Innovation Management System” certification, the first in the field of innovation, published on 15 July 2019 by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Innovation management is a strategic issue for organizations and businesses: it underpins economic growth and competitiveness.

In a globalized world, companies are investing and will invest in innovation, in new enabling technologies of Industry 4.0, and in the digitization of the enterprise.

In this context of profound transformation, a common international reference document on innovation management represents fundamental support for organizations.

Therefore, we strongly wanted to adhere to this system of innovation management, which has led us towards innovative management and enabled us to move towards Industry 4.0.


The focus of Oesse will be on three factors:

EFFICIENCY the main objective for us is to maximize the performance of our products while reducing environmental impact.

DIVERSIFICATION constant search for different applications in the field of heat exchange.

COMPETITIVENESS maximizing cost reductions without compromising product quality.


For the success of the investments, it will be fundamental to know how to manage innovation at the process and company organization level.




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