How we manufacture our plug&play cooling systems

We will show you all the features that make our custom cooling modules special

We have already told you about how we develop a custom cooling module for a plug&play installation

With this video we want to go into detail, showing all the phases and elements that characterize our solutions, making them truly unique and totally aligned with the customer’s needs.
Not only in terms of technical features, but also considering all the operations concerning the machine, from the assembly, to the maintenance and to all technical checks.

This is the list of our main distinguishing features:

  • A single SKU reference for a complete plug & play package
  • Compact space and weight, stable design of the plug&play power unit
  • Cooling system isolated with antivibration shock absorbers
  • High performance fans with low noise and better fuel economy
  • Divided fan protection guard for operator’s safety and easy maintenance
  • Pre-assembled components kit
  • Detailed kit mapping
  • Constant torque band clamps
  • Ports for instrumentation to collect during machine test and inspection
  • Stainless steel shaped tubes
  • Power unit skid
  • Deaeration tank
  • Vent lines
  • Fill line
  • Visual level gauge
  • Detailed installation drawings
  • Defined assembly sequence of operations
  • Poka yoke assembly process
  • Useful space and accessibility of fixing points
  • Consistency between handling and assembly operations
  • Low time and number of assembly operations
  • Limited used of assembly tools
  • Lifting points placed to provide load balancing
  • Ergonomic design for safe handling
  • Skid and packaging suitable to easily enter the production line
  • Packaging designed for storage and handling
  • Optional weatherproof solutions available
  • Clear and comprehensive labelling
  • Data plates with the serial number


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