How to improve Customer Experience. From engineering to production.

Customers are at the heart of the business

In the last article we presented you our most ambitious project, a platform to connect all the phases of a project (link to the article), in this new clip our Sales Area Manager, André Kosan, tells you about our modus operandi, from the engineering phase to the prototype development and production.

Our goal is to create products that meet the needs of both the customer and the end users, because customers are at the heart of the business.

From the very first engineering phase we analyze every aspect in detail, such as the reduction of fuel consumption (cooling fans absorption) and noise.

We monitor product features and its life cycle to simplify and improve users experience: from handling, to assembly inside the machine, to any service and to disposal.
We closely evaluate customers feedback, what are the main advantages and any potential operating issues.

From here begins an internal “creative” process with the aim of pursuing continuous improvement and industrialization.

Our extended and skilled team composed of engineering, quality, r&d and prototype experts, compare and analyse the different ideas and then proceed to the final design of the cooling unit.

After a careful analysis of the various proposals, in a design to cost perspective, we select the top solutions, using the best components available on the market for each single part of the cooling module.

Finally, we present our improvement proposal and, through a continuous and constant interaction with the customers, we develop the new product or the next revision.


Contact our pre-sales  staff to request more information.

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